55053, 55014, 55017 - Strip Cutters for Binding

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Carolyn and Lee introduce the AccuQuilt GO! Strip Cutter dies for binding (55053, 55014, 55017). Quickly and easily cut perfect strips for binding, narrow borders, sashing, string piecing and more. Blades are 23" long and are open at both ends to allow cutting of fabric that is still folded as it comes off the bolt. There is no chance that the ruler will slip causing the strips to be uneven.

Free Pattern: GO! Strips http://bit.ly/jsKp0y

AccuQuilt offers quilters, fabric crafters and retailers a premiere line of fabric cutters, dies, quilting patterns and other quilt and fabric cutting solutions that help quilters quickly and accurately cut shapes for quilting and fabric crafts. Cutting with AccuQuilt® fabric cutters is a natural evolution of fabric cutting methods. First scissors, then rotary, finally AccuQuilt® for fast, easy, accurate fabric cutting.
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